Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corporate Attires

with my gRupmates APol and StepH
well they exceeded my expectations a lot
who would have taught that these pretty girls
would bring up a Gigantic Cooler at school without even
complaininG and also going from place to place around...
naku they proved talaga that they were more
than just a pretty face!!!

with Kuya Juan Paolo Ches President and my
Thesis mate And ChEs Business Manager Rachelle Manalo...
we all have shades of purple...

with Joanne

with my FORMER X classmates
Nathan and Romar

with Ms. Janda aka. ms. Ganda

with my first seatmate at A
niOry baby according to wilberchie

with AnnuneH
korean Baby

with one of my ChE idols and
inspiration in doing skul works

with Allan

with Rabbie

with JoewarD

with the best Couple
Jess and Toto
they will always take care of you

with alyssa
also one of my ChE idols

with Reyna class antukin
but very caring

with Jepoy and Donald
DotA boys

with Mr. Balancio
yakap King

with Ian

with Kat

x seatmate Ninya

with Rachelle

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