Friday, March 27, 2009

FaceBooking: Papi Jr.

At first i find facebook so complicated because of its several applications. But now i'm loving it!!! lots of free time = summer = net all day long...

I created my first pet in facebook Pet society. He's name is Papi Jr. I mixed and matched his looks and now he is cuter. You need to gain money to change his clothes, looks etc... His house needs to be decorated. So bad i run out of money because we went to saloN and bought luxury instead. i am broke. In short we are bankrupt at the moment.

as we lurked around i found out Joward's pet named roBEARt. His house have already a polkadot wallpaper. I can't find the place where he bought that!!! My wallpaper is plain white boring.. grrr... Btw his pet is PinK.. Haha supposed to speak his sissy personaliTy?

Another facebook Application i took. What Pokemon are you? well I answered the quesstions/survey just to find out that I am pikachu...

Also i took the applications What American Idol Are you mostly like?
toink I am David A...
"you are very kind and care about others! you are most likely to succeed in a singing career!"

after 1 day of continuous playinG!!!
I got my pet house customized!!!
Papi Jr. is so proud of Me,,,,

Papi Jr. Awards

My Veedee part 2


Just another morning that i was so bored!!!
since evrybody left the house! here's my chance to show My talents?
talent? really???

My short version of Shontelle T shirt
and Kelly Clarkson My life would suck without You
sorry guys for Posting this One..
everything in the vid was take 1
also to mention that i haven't take my breakfast yet
since no one cook for me. so sad summer!!!
u can request for the next set of soNgs!!!
warning: No Harsh Comments pls. haha


Atlong Last my connection becomes stable... From last week upto this afternoon i've been having difficulty in my net connection because the adaptor wire was loose that i need to push it side by side, turn around up, and find my luck until today that it works so fine. The solution:? just find where the right angle/position that the electric wiring works on and then taped it so that i won't be disconnected.

troubleshooting is engineerinG???
so sad its not chemical engineering...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Research>> Thesis

well, thursday was so so tiring!!!
going to skuL AgaiN after 5 days ....
auN dun lang me sa TARC........
nagthethesis!!! wooHhh

ang tataas ng grades nila samantalang ako!!! huhu

may nakalawit na tube... ang galing!!!

pindot pindot lanG,,,,

PhoneCall... dial IdoL!!!

Plotting Graphs.,,,

busy persoN...

nakakapagOd pala sa LaB...
nakakapagod gumalaw galaw....
dami ko nagawa!!! haha
babalik pa ulit me sa Monday
see u again guys... tc

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


According to my BMI i am underweight!!!
u can check urs
just click
BMI calculator

Hi Davids!!!!

Hello Manila This is David Archuleta From american idol Season 7 inviting all of you to catch dAvid cook and I on May 16 at the mall of Asia Open Ground So Hope to see you out there Salamat po

Hi guys David Cook here from American Idol just want to let everybody know that David archuleta and myself would be performing live at the Mall Of Asia Open Ground on May 16 See you Guys there!

Free kaya tOh? kung Oo naku... kung may bayad!! wait lang may thesis akO...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Only You and Hot Shots

One of my all tym favorite korea novela "Only You"
will have a Pinoy remake starring the ever beautiful Angel Locsin as Jilian
Sam Milby as TJ Han... Also starring Diether Ocampo.,,,
Ganda ng threasome nila...

anu nga ba meron sa Only You...

Only You is a TV series about a loving couple in Italy. Cha Eun-jae (Han Chae-young) decides to go to Italy to learn how to become a chef to attain her childhood dream of making Italian food. She adores spaghetti and all sorts of pasta ever since she was a little kid. In Italy, she meets Han Lee-jun (Cho Hyeon-jae), who is an heir to a family fortune and has come to Italy in search of his mother. They go out and get to know each other for only six day but she falls madly in love with him. Six years pass and in Korea, she meets Han Lee-jun once again... The drama takes place in Italy and is a story of how a young girl finds her way to the heart of a rich young man, who is obsessed with cleanliness.

bukod sa nakakagutOm ang story ng only you.. mabubusog ka naman agad sa mga eye flavors na cast... Exciting talaga ung first week na ito...

si angeL na toh ha... ang taray ng banGs...

Hot Shots coming soon on abs cbn
nag end na last friday ung Love at a corner starring Kyle ngaun lapit na umere ung hotshots sa abs cbn together with Wu chun aT si Dao ming Su...

In a school where academic reigns supreme and sports are relegated to a dusty corner of the campus, Li Ying vows to revive the basketball team by volunteering to be the head coach. Her first member is Yuan Da Ying, a country boy who is passionate for basketball but has no skill. Their recruitment goes into high gear when Dong Fang Xiang, a legendary basketball player, transfers to their school.

Around the same time, Yuan Da Ying falls for Zhan Jie Er, a scholarship student who reminds him of his childhood friend. Things are complicated by the fact her family works for Dong Fang Xiang, who she also grew up with. Their encounter may just rewrite the school's basketball history.


there's no escaping it
and you think that you know
how the end of the story goes
that's a page i rewrote
and i'm taking away the ropes
there's more hope than you'll ever know

With no one to help you carry the pain,
I'm comin to save the day!!!

Yes i am SaFe...
u are safE too...

My Idols are doing Great

My TOP three:
Performance night Top 11

Adam Lambert's Ring of fire

Well this is my favorite song of the night. The song is very sexy and sensual. It makes me crazy actually. The screaming and melody keeps my blood ooze up, burns me, and i feel like dancing jazz, evil like, wild, exotic, . etc. The studio version that i downloaded as i got home is better than the performance night but i like both thnx to rhoj music my number 1 source of mp3... What makes adam an idol is that he adds exotic flavor to his performances and every performance is remarkable.... His performance really shows his truest selF. Burn adam BurN!!!

No matter what people say about adam He is still my american idoL.

"Love is a burning thing
and it makes a firery ring
bound by wild desire
I fell in to a ring of fire..."

Kris Allen's To Make You feel my Love
I love the voice and the song choice!!! However it makes me sleepy...

"I'd go hungry

I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling
Down the avenue
No, there's nothing
That I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love"

Matt's Giraud so small...
Well this balladeer justin timberlake look-a-like is very interesting to watch and hear all over again. he is included in my top 4 . He is very good in playing musical instruments which is added bonus points to my idol points... i am worried about his fanbase but i am wishing that he could atleast survive upto top 5... He sung "so small" and i love that a male picks a girl song and make it compatible for a male voice.

"Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
Is just a grain of sand
And what you've been out there searching for forever
Is in your hands"

Actually almost all of the idols are doing great. This batch is one of my favorite Batch...

David archuleta - Angels
galing talaga ni David A. "

Graduate na sila...

Congratulations sa Four na fifth year na tOh...
they make some of my minutes memorable to me!!!

Kay recca na dance idol ko at idol ko din sa confidence... Meron sumthing kasi sa kanya na hahangaan mo talaga eh. lalo na pag sa pagiging lider at sa prinsipyo. Kuyang kuya kasi sya pag nakikipag usap sa kin...

Kay rhovee na matured din na mag isip.. at madami akong ideas na nakukuha sa kanya kahit for a while lang kami magkasalubong,,,,

Hernando and Rhovee

Steve and Juan

kay steve na laging andyan na nag aadvice at chinichika ako everytime na maglilihis ang aming landas. well naapreciate ko talaga mga advice nya. and nakakatawa din kasi bumibeyn sya sa mga pics... naku tatalbugan ko un next year. watch oUt... hehe

kay Kuya Juan na siya lang ata tinatawag kong kuya sa pip year... na super busy at responsible na lider.,, hindi kasi siya ung lider na pabida epeK sya ung gusto nya lahat kasama lahat participants... at for the gud of all ChE students....

Grabeh parang kailan tas aun graduates na sila. naku everything talaga must come to an end,,,,

Thank You!!!

I would like to thank this 5 people....
my life would suck without Them... (OA ko naman)

kay apOl na lagi ko atang nakakagrupO mula first sem. ayuN napaka gorgeus mo at dahil sa byuti mo (at ko) kaya tayO nanalo sa IP natin. Tnx talaga lalong lalo na sa IP product natin mula first day pabago bago hangang sa Fluffy at ung pagsagot sagot sa questions ni maaM grrr haha...

kay alyssa na lagi kong pinapaphotocopy ang notebook nya kasi komplete at reliable.. kaya nga 1-2 weeks lang ako nag notes this seM eh... ayun very helpful talaga si alyssa di lamang sa kin kundi pati sa mga walang notes dyan...

kay jessie na ramdam ko talaga ang care nya di lamang sa kin kundi sa buong klase. Tas aun since ako ung treasurer ng class natuto pa kong maging responsible kasi isa sya na nag iinspire sa kin to work.... mula sa pagpapahotocopy, pag aaus ng sked sa singilan ng pera, sa pagtetext ng announcements, handsDown....

kay dOnky take the wheel na nagpasolve sa kin ng dalawang number sa stoich during quiz 4.. infairness napasolve ako ha kahit di ko nakuha ung final answer... Thank you nga pala dun sa libre mong Yellowcab at dun sa two piece burger steak. tats naman mE.. Pati na din ung pagtuloG ko dyaN sa inYo. hehe at higit sa lahat ung pagiinspire mo pa sa kin na mag aral...

kay stEph na laging andyaN.... na napaka suportive as always. Naku makita ko lang ung tumawag sau ng dracula makakatikim sila sa kin tititigan natin sila from head to toe... ayun congrats din kasi president ka na ng TEM at head ka pa ng creative...

o ayan aukO na masyado magsalita baka mamiss nyo pa ako...
care ko naman... juk

At sa MGA BEBE EFs ko u know who u are..... mga pipz na lagi kong kasama papuntang uncle pipz, mga Bebe na pag may Exam eh TEAMWORk tau.... tnx for everything u make this sem very meaningful to me.....

When The wind is Blowing nEar

Tapos na din ang Exam weeks at ang skul year na ito very BAD talaga ang first quarter ng 2009 mula paggawa ng thesis sa unang week upto the busiest IP exhibit day, to prelims weeks and the last two weeks of exam. Last week pa lang tamad na tamad na kong mag aral up to the final day. Drain na kasi utak ko after ng quiz week at ng magawa ung UNit Operation take home quiz which I started Monday 8am upto 8 pm. Gusto ko pa namang mag aim High sa grades kaya lang may body refuse to at feel na feel ang kama para matuloG ng eight hours a day. Sa huli it doesn't even matter. Kahit anung grade na makuha ko basta pasado. u know masyado masama mag expect ng too much sa sarili......

Unit Operations = aun lahat ng formulas ko binura ko sa Perry's handbook b4 start ng exams auN cant remember anything habang exam... estimated finals Score: 35-45

Thermo = I h8 thermo...

Stoich = aun matapos ko makita ung prelims ko na "di pala bagsak" gaya ng estimated kung trenta at umabot sa 50+ ung partial points ko di na ko kinabahan, grabeh kasi impact ng quiz 2, prelims at quiz 3 sa kin parang wala ng bukas... napraning din ako dito ng ilang weeks ha.

yehey tapos na exam

ay may GE pa pala
GE = eto eto ung exam na sa dyip lang ako nag aral ng chapter 6 at 7... aun wala akong napala kasi tinulugan ko lang ito ng bongang bonga. AT 4 the record naka 16/110 ako sa Finals. shocks nga ko pag submit Button. Na freeze ba ako.. sabi ko Huh? eh wala talaga ako maalalang formula nung exam tas si sir nasa likod ko pa.... tas aun may naka 100/110 sa min... eh di walang ERROR... haha sana ako na lang naging lowest dito si pao kasi at si main 10 and 12 respectively... Sana ako na lang para my shining Moment ako.... so Aun TRES ako sa subject na toH....

Ethics = di co maalala ung mga sagot sa ferst parT ng test. kainis ang dali lang ng test kung tutuusin...

Mathscie = ayun ginamit namin ung TEAMWORK....

Grabeh sa lahat ata ng exam sa stoich lang ata ako makaka above 50....

Friday, March 20, 2009

iT's Over

YeheY exam week is OVER...
but what's with the number sixteen?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 13 2009

JUst like a flower quickly fading.....
I can feel the pain....

It can happen to..
Anyone of us, anyone you think of
Anyone can fall
Anyone can hurt someone they love
Hearts will break
cause I made a stupid mistake

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Skul Works vs. Dyutay moMents

Sa dami ng mga nakapilang gagawin etO
nag c2c na lang kami...

don't know what to do?
Aral na nga ko GE...

what's Left of Me?

"And how can I pretend that I don't know
What's going on?
When every second
And every minute
Another soul is gone"

Patty KOnting tiis pa matatapos na tong 4th year mo!!! wag ka na emo dyaN... Tyagain mo na lang aralin lahat ng mga natitirang quiz... Init init pa ng temperature ngaun, hay!!! kung pede lang ipasok ang sarili sa ref. Basta do ur best, Passed or failed man grades mo lam ko kaya mo tanggapin un, laging may first time.... ngek wag naman sana ngaun!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

GooGle EartH

i downloaded a program called Google Earth

I was so amazed that i was able to locate my haus
i trace it from sm north upto novaliches...
it's like travellinG talaga...
tagal ko hinanap bahay namin... eh medyo maypagkaputi ung bubong namin...
try nyo
Google Earth
ano maghanapan tayo dito ng bahay!!!

ang cute ng mga haus "Top View"

d sweet liFe

almonds, strawberry, apricot, mm, grapes,dates

puro sweets pala kinakain ko... ngauN..
hindi masarap ung nasa gilid ung kulay brown...

My Retreat Letters Too

Since inungkat ni wilma mga retreat letters nya, papahuli ba naman Me..
Siempre kinompile ko ung mga letters ko. Obvious ba? naka Album pa nga Sila. (akala nila itatapon ko lang) Di ko pa sinusunog tong mga toH.. remembrance nila sa kin yan eh! Ung iba sa kanila gradweyt na... sipag nila gumawa ng letters nOH para sa kin...

>>> tingnan nyo may starstruck Logo... fan na fan ako dati ayan pati sa Retreat letters may starstruck,... Dream Believe Survive

ang haba ng message nung iba... pag sulat kamay na sa long pad eh mga lalaki nagsusulat nun... umeEfort.. haha

oh eto colorfuL naman... ang bonnga nila noH...
ngaun college wala pa ko natatanggap na retreat letters
well kung meron man sana Creative... hehe

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My DebuT alBum...

This is my first Vid singing... haha
i don't know how to sinG, i know nothing in music, notes, sharps, etc
But i made this just to kill my time,,,,
RandoM songs...
PS: epekto ng walang Tulugan!!! at aftershock ng stoicK...

american Idol season 8 Top 13

Weird Pics

Jess studying stoich while Mathscie


FHM presents vegetarian "Patani"

Last month it was kim chiu's Billboard at edsa. This month it is Gerald. Who's next?

Kris allen and Alam Lambert getting to know better at AI 8!!!
Sila na daw!!!

Lilipad Takore

feel na feel ang wig ni kirby

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


"So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me"

I first heard this song when i was in 4th year highschool with my hs frends when we watched Raise your voice from my friend's house. since then I use this song as a medium to calm me whenver i feel i can't make it.

last 3 weeks of my fourt year days na.
and its just stoich that kills me....
hope i can make iT...

Facts about my Votes!!!

10 out of 12 newly elected ChEs officer was in my vote List...
Ofcourse I voted for Allan and Joeward.
Allan because the last sem i was with him I told him that i will support him whoever his opponent.

To joeward:
You may not win but life is not always about winning, it's about rising everytime you fall and you've proven to us that you're more than the "joeward" we knew b4. You've improved a loT this time and we've seen it. Siempre sa una masakit yaN lahat naman ng pagkatalo masakiT eh pero andito kaming mga friendsHip mo para suportahan ka pa din... Okay lang yan noH atleast binoto ka ng mga Dota Boys... haha Uyy kinampaign ka kasi ni $%... tapos hug hug ka pa nya kanina.... atsaka si Pharah naman kasi kalaban mo eh malakas un at super responsible din... So ayun tapos na election!!!
wag ka na maaning dyan !!!
sabi ka ni kris aquino pag di succesful sa career
magiging bongga sa loveliFe...
hehe juk
And siempre Kungratz nga pala Kay RacH although hindi ko ineexpect (?) na mananalo ka... Ayun i'm soo proud of you Gurl. Ung GeeAyy ha QC lanG... atsaka ung Tarp mo sa BPI paghandaan mo na.. hehe pero bago yan ung sked natin ka

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mga uri ng Tigyawat ko...

Nakakainis talagang magkaruon ng tigyawat sa mukha at sa nuo bukod sa sinisira nito ang hitsura ko nakakabawas pa ng confidence... Base sa aking obserbasyon ang mga klase ng tigyawat sa face ko ay ang mga ss:

1. Mga tigyawat na malilit, ito ung mga batik batik sa mukha ! baby pa lang sila kung ituring ung iba lumalaki ung iba naman ay nawawala...

2. Tigyawat na may nana... eto ung pimples na pagkatapos ko maligo sa umaga eh pedeng pede na putukin. naaabsorb nya kasi yung tubig na pumasok.. aun sarap nyang kurot kurutin...

3. Tigyawat na duguan.. = eto ung pulang pula na tigyawat , minsan nagdudugo talaga pag nakamot mo..

4. mga tigyawat na malalaki - eto ung nag iiwan ng dark spots sa mukha ko. minsan sabay sabay sila kung tumubo, pede mong ikonect d dots...

5. tigyawat na flat na mapula = eto ung masasakit na tigyawat at nakakairita to kasi ang hapdi hapdi nya,,,,

6. tigyawat na pabalik-balik - eto naman ung sa umaga lumiit tas pagdating ng tanghali eh nagbaback to original size

7. tigyawat na nangingitim - e1 ko ba pero parang dry skin na nasunoG ang kinalabasan

8. tigyawat na matagal mawala - eto ung mga 1 week na eh andyan parin sa location nya

9. tigyawat na nagtratravel - eto ung mga palipat lipat na tigyawat na magkakamukha....

10. tigyawat na naliligaw - eto ung tigyawat na napupunta sa leeg o kung saan man...

hay lam ko madami pang types.... bakit nga ba sila nagsusulputan ngaUn!!! | Layout by Patty!!!