Sunday, February 5, 2012

More on my Pokes

This week I got 4 out of 8 Pokemon Black and White happy meal collectibles! I usually McdO after work!





I just Got my THIRD arceus in my pokemon games <3

Befriended Pokemon

Fans recently voted for the Pokémon they most wanted to befriend, and the winner was Arceus!

Thousands of Pokémon fans cast their vote for the Pokémon they wanted to befriend. Now everyone can befriend the winner: Arceus! This Level 100 Arceus is ready for battle with its signature Judgment move and three other powerful moves. To befriend Arceus, use this special password at the Pokémon Global Link.

The password is: ARCEUSVOTE

Once you befriend the Mythical Pokémon, you can use Game Sync to bring it to your Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version game! Arceus will be available for only a limited time, so don’t forget to befriend this special Pokémon while you can.

Pokemon Black and White Movie Theme

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