Saturday, February 28, 2009

Youtube's Subscribers

VloGging is very fuN. It's been more than a year when i created my first youtube account. I find it very entertaining because you can subscribe and make comments to the other users. You can highlights your favorite, link it and you don't even need to buy a copyrighted item. You can see different people with unique talents, gimmicks, doings, etc... I appreciated them so much and i keep on searching and downloading their videos.

Here are some of my Favorites...
If you want to see their performances just click
the link below their photos...

Jason Chen
If I were a Girl
What's Left of Me


Rix on the Rox
T shirt
I hate this part

Friday, February 27, 2009

season 8 Favorites!!!

My First 3 in Group two.

Adam Lambert
The very first time i saw him singing during the auditions i already knew that he will make it to the top 12. He's one of my early bet and favorite this season. His unique performances and screechy voice got my attention even though at some point he looks weird and insane but that is what I called "style". The x factor thing. Also His hair and clothing makes him entirely different from the others. For me he is the most package this season. Best in Packaging? hehe Most Mrketable and Best in presentation. It is so cool to watch him not just hearing him. Like what paola said when he sang satisfaction its like watching Adam's concert. I am so excited with his next performance and i hope he will bring home the title this season.

Kris Allen
Man In The Mirror
I also want kris allen overall. His soft voice and effortless performance makes him the balladeer this season. well i dont know anything about music the sharps, the offkeys, highnotes, etc But as long as it is pleasant to hear and watch as well it will got my attention. After hearing his rendition of Man in the mirror i grabbed the magic sing and sang that song too. I don't know what's wrong with kara that she okrayz Kris. Anywei too bad for Him coz Adam will win this season.

Megan Corkrey
Put Your Records On
Megan is not just a tatoo in a quirky dancing mode. Her performance was perfect for her image and the type of music. Too bad she didn't make it to the top but there is still a chance for the wildcard. Among the gurls For me she is the best... far better than alex (the first gurl in the 12). she also got the x factor coz her presence make the viewers curious on what she will do next.

Because of Megan I remember The "You're So Vain" girl of season 7. Yes! it's Brooke white. I enjoy singing that sonG. They're both look clumsy physically...

I love Brooke white's new Song!!!

When I am weak try to always find the best of you and me
But "I will always be the one who understands you"
Like a picture on the wall
Shoulda known that I was bound to fall

i miss season 7 nakakatuwa pero nakakaiyak diN/./.

Future Leaders of ChEs

For the past years in chemical engineering society and as a member I never been so involved and interested in ChES elections than this year. Last year i was offered a position in ShifT but i did not accept it because I am not a political person and not a leader to give service for FREE... But I supported shift that time because of Recca, Amanda and Rhovee but sad to say the people didn't recognized them and their votes wasn't good enough to give a close fight.

yesterday was a very special day for me to realize and to choose wisely who among the candidates have the guts, the ability, the passion and the X factor to serve ChEs for the Chemical Engineering people. I supposed to got home since they haven't started yet on the said time and waiting is not in my nerves. But Something pulled me up to staY and wait fo the meeting de avance. I should/must attend because I am part of this society. Being part is not just on the list of the members but must be in actions too.

Most of the candidates today were very deserving on the position that they were running. I can see that they want the position so badly and some did their very best in answering those questions landed on them. But In some instances there is a slut who annoys me a lot. I don't care about the words and the efforts because i know for sure that she's just another gaga doing her own gaganess in the society for her own sake. I no longer want to talk about this stupid monkey who always wanted to be in the spotlight. It's good that I am not the only one noticing her.

For the lower years, i must admit that they did great. They already have the confidence which i dont have when i was on their year.

For the 3rd years...
I really like Carl Bibat and Rona Pasco. But sad to say i must choose between the two because they are running for the same position. Their efforts was undeniably great because in every ChEs activity i always noticed them at work and at moves. but my 1 vote for JVP would go to the shifter.

For the fourth years...
This gave me headache in who to choose.
But since joeward and rachelle are one of my bebe efs
even without asking their opponent my vote is with
them from the start...

to wilbert
the campaign manager
of shift
patty is soo
proud of yoU
in you being active in politics
and in making justified reasons.

For the presidents wannabe i still dont know who to choose.

to myself
I am shock, shocking, shocked, because I am talking about politics....


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hinata's Crystallization!!!

Last Friday morning i watched episodes 95,96,97 and 98 of Naruto shippuuden because i woke up so early. 4 episodes in a row since i was very busy for the last month in school activities i wasn't able to update myself every friday for the new episode.

On the league of Kakashi, shino, Kiba and Hinata in finding Orochimaru's hideout there is this exciting villain Guren who have the power to covert her chakra to crystallize things. Poor Hinata she was crystallized.... Making the entire team to retreat to save hinata's life.

"i'm afraid that these crystals possesses an extremely tight structure at the molecular level"

some of shino's Bugs was crystallized and brought to the leaf City to be investigated. The results obtained was the crystallization was not only used to cover the body of the victim but also crystallized the bugs body, to the blood vessels, to the cells, etc

Hinata's friend was shocked and some assumed that she is dead. The crystals on the other victims is very brittle. A lb force applied would make it into tiny particles.

Hinata is very lucky to survive the attack. Before the crystals enter her body she releases an amount of chakra to cover her whole body and the crystal solidifies without entering her body.
that is what we called "ninJA"... for chem engs people it is the inner filM that make it the resistance...

watching this episode makes me remember my chemistry
Crystallization is the (natural or artificial) process of formation of solid crystals precipitating from a solution or melt or more rarely deposited directly from a gas Crystallization is also a chemical solid-liquid separation technique, in which mass transfer of a solute from the liquid solution to a pure solid crystalline phase occurs.

this episode violated some principles in chemistrY.... hehe

Sabog Sabog na kO!!!

Grabeh!! Hirap na ako sa stoich2 ngauN..
Negatib na ko.......
huhu kailangan kong itriple effort ko ngaun...
basta bahala na...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

b4 unit OPS

hehe para lang kaming tanga ni Laiza dito,
bahala na sa quiz bukas,,, Basta padamihan na lang ng partial points
ang gulo ng Units eh... the more the examples eh the more na naguguluhan ako kaya notes na lang nirebyu ko... pababalik balik pa ko ha... kasi habang tumatagal may bago ako question then irerela8 ko ung mga steps sa previous problem then aun litong lito na ko so i decided to sTop reviewing na... kaya nga me andito nagbloblog na lang ng kung ano anU...

Whisper, I Love You
Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson
-already downloaded

cute ng kanta noh?
tas may close UP pa ung kimeralD!!!
namaN swerte talaga ng dalawang Ito...

True Love KoH: OST Fated to Love You
- gusto ko na ng mp3 nito!!!
chaka na ko magkokoncentrate sa panunuod nito pag Okay na lahat!!! kailan magiging okay? siempre sa Summer!!! summer sa bahaY...

Mode BAGo sleep!!!

3.fastfood,chinesefood,nativefood ?
-dancing singing and modeling ...
6.cold ,hot,mild?
8 .long hair,short hair,spiky hair,no hair?
-long hair
9.european tour, asian tour, american tour?
10.good looking, strong charisma, nice attitude?
-strong charisma
11.where were you at 7pm?
12.unforgettable moment of the day?
-kanina habang nagstoich
13.amount you spent the whole day?
-250php plus plus of messages on your inbox?
-dami eh di ako nagkakapagdelete ngaun
15.word of d day?
- All at Once
16.most played song on your music player?
-ngaun eh ung labels of love, make up at yung whisper
17.had anyone say he/she hates you?
-d co lam... keyr ko...
18.if you would choose one of your ex who would you like to be with again?
-next question pls...
19.last person who asked for your no.?
-cant remember
21.last time u went to the mall?
22.last time you saw ur crush?
-nung eng week pa
23.last person to hurt you physically?
24.last person to hurt you emotionally?
-cant remember
25.last person you fell in love with?
-aba... aba... eh madalas akong malab at first sight ngaun eh...
26.last question.. rate urself 1-10
- 8. :(

with BEBE rudz and BEBE laiza

Sunday, February 22, 2009

NewesT stuFF on my Room

Yesterday was a very stressFul Day!!! since i'm stress to the max I slept a loT... then This Morning I selected some photos to print and brought Picture Frames at Fairview. Those pictures that i selected were very cute!!! Composed of my classmatEs frOm A and B...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Push Ur LucK JoWarD

I would like to greet "gudluck" Joward manaIg for the campaigN period. Wish that you do your speech with confidence, glamour and most especially meaningful. I know that you have the passioN to serve ChEs. I know that you are very responsible in terms of public service... I know that you will do much better this time.. so GoodlUcK...

Sabay Sabay TayO sCandaL

PanuoRin ang video kung saan nahulog ang Bra ni Marian Rivera... Nasa bandang Dulo nga lanG. Slow motion nYo kaya... hehe kuha kayo magnifying Glass...

dun sa may giling giling parT pagmasdan mabuTi....

Jesse McCartney - Make Up

I wanna see you when I wake up wake up wake up
'Cause you look good without make up make up make up
Ain't nothin' on you phony phony phony
You're sexy and you know it know it know it

A little dose of you helps me to start my day
Baby girl I'd really love to see your face
And don't be surprised if you catch me gazing
Eu sei que você me quer

I'm takin' pictures in case you ever go away
'Cause baby I don't wanna miss a thing
'Cause you're too captivating ai gostoso

I wanna see you when I wake up wake up wake up
'Cause you look good without make up make up make up
Ain't nothin' on you phony phony phony
You're sexy and you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but ya know it

Baby girl you don't even gotta try
It's just your looks alone really light my fire
'Cause your body's blazing ai tesão

Baby when we go to sleep at night
Oh I don't wanna close my eyes
Why dream when I can have the real thing

I wanna see you when I wake up wake up wake up
'Cause you look good without make up make up make up
Ain't nothin' on you phony phony phony
You're sexy and you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but ya know it

Girl you know that you got me
And I thought you should know
Girl you're so exotic
From your head to your toes
And I just thought I should tell you baby
You're the reason I'm going crazy

I wanna see you when I wake up wake up wake up
'Cause you look good without make up make up make up
Ain't nothin' on you phony phony phony
You're sexy and you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but you know it know it know it
You're sexy but ya know it
Sexy but ya know it

Fergie Labels or LOve

Shopping for labels, shopping for love
Manolo and Louis, it's all I'm thinking of
Shopping for labels, shopping for love
Manolo and Louis, it's all I'm thinking of

I already know what my addiction is
I be looking for labels, I ain't looking for love
I shop for purses while I walk out the door
Don't cry, buy a bag and then get over it
And, I'm not concerned with all the politics
It's a lot of men I know I could find another one.

What I know is that I'm always happy when I walk out the store, store
I'm guessing Supercalifragi-sexy, nothing to be playing with
I love him, hate him, kiss him, diss him, tryna to walk a mile in my kicks

Love's like a runway but which one do I love more
No emotional baggage, just big bags filled with Dior
Love's like a runway, so what's all the fussing for
Let's stop chasing those boys and shop some more

I know I might come off as negative
I be looking for labels, I ain't looking for love
Relationships are often so hard to tame
A Prada dress has never broke my heart before
And, ballin's something that I'm fed up with
I'mma do the damn thing, watch me do the damn thing
Cause I know that my credit card will help me put out the flames
I'm guessing Supercalifragi-sexy, nothing to be playing with
I love him, hate him, kiss him, diss him, tryna to walk a mile in my kicks


Gucci, Fendi, Prada purses, purchasing them finer things
Men they come a dime a dozen, just give me them diamond rings
I'm into a lot of bling, Cadillac, Chanel and Coach
Fellas boast but they can't really handle my female approach
Buying things is hard to say
Rocking Christian Audigier, Manolo, Polo, taking photos in my Cartier
So we can't go all the way, I know you might hate it but
I'm a shop for labels while them ladies lay and wait for love


what's Going On with Adam LamberT

Is he the nexT ArchuletA of American Idol


1. Nawala ID ko bago magPrelims ng ThermO kasama na dun ung susi ng locker kO.
2. dehaDO ako andun kasi ung Perry's Ko, ni joeward at ni Shirley...
3. Hinanap ko sa Carpark unG ID ko eh WAla talaga nagtanung tanung pa ko sa bawat stall baka may nagsurrender dun..
4. Wala na talagang Pag-asa Naghanap ng Lagare sa Engineering, tanung tanung sa mga janiTor.
5. Pumunta ako ng EE lab, at dun sa ME lab ata sa kabilang dulO wala... Naghanap din ako ng kutsilyo kay Kuya JAy wala din daw. pumunta ako P6 lab wala din daw..
6. Super haggard na kong tumatakbo sa buong engr. ayun May ME lab pala tabi ng rum namin... eh nakasara sya!!! Madilim ang ilaw then binuksan ko pinto. YES bukas... tas may isang rum na maliit na may ilaw... Meron din pala dun na parang kuya jay. Sabi ko may lagare ba kayo? oo daw pero klangan ng ID ayun lumabas ako nanghiram ng ID tamang tama andun sila renz at tobal sa labas pero they dont even lend me there ID tas nakita ko kuya marvin ayun hiniram ko kay kuya marvs agad naman nyang hinugot ID nya at binigay sa kin...
7. Nilagare ko yung padlock ko.... Hinelp ako ni joward kaya lang di niya keri.. Ayun at that moment nagising ang mga tostesterone ko na natutulog sa aking itlog at sa wakas nalagare ko ng bongang bonga yung padlock.... (sabay hinga ng maluwag)
8. Pawisan na ako. Lahat ng constant at formula nawala sa isip ko...
9. Test ng thermo... ang bagal ko sumagot sa computations... ung kinetic enrgy ko sa number 4 ang nagamit ko eh ung hydrostatic presure nawirdohan ako sa fnal answer buti na lang nirecheck ko... at napalitan ko.
10. Ayus naman ung prelims mali lang ako ng sign ng Work PV sa OMB kaya mali ung finale answer ko sa 4 and 5.. sayang perfect na sana,.,.
11. Inuwi ko ung GEankoplis book ko, Perry's ko at ung Amerikanang hiniram ni Gatdula. Mala kargador ako sa bigaT.
12. pag uwi ng bahay wala akong Gana kumain... pag angat ko sa kawali eh isdang chorva ang ulaM....

nagsimula ang kamalasan kinagabihan di ako makapag move on at pinanuod ko sa Youtube ung elimination ni Manuel... Medyo unfair nga kasi tinulungan pala ng mga taga PFF si jana nung last stunt ng matsugi si super M.

isama mo pa dyan ung assignment ni sir Roy,, sinolve namin... di niya alam kung ano at kung sino ang tama... Hay anu ba yang mathscie na yan.... idagdag mo pa ung nakakabother nyang nunAl na mala garapata sa mukha...

nagchat din pala kami ni laiza kung bagay ba si kris kay aljUr kagaBe. at kung anu gagawin ko sa isang libO... ayun magshoshopping dapat ako ngaun pero sa kasawiang palad naging kargador ako kaya di na ko nakapaglibot sa sm...


tas may stoich na naman
at unit Ops....

Friday, February 20, 2009


The pinoy fLOp FEar Factor already Ended leaving my two betS
looSERZ.................... huhu


Exercise ur rigth to vote daw!!!
sabi ni Joward at ni rose Anne...

Oh dibah napilitan pa koNG bumoto kaninA....

Tas nagBrownOut pa sa loob ng CAD room...
para talagang totoong election...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bulletin Board surveYz

> 1. Bakit ka nahuhuli sa klase?
> - i'm always punctuaL noH.. depende na lang kung may mga Nagrally na nagpapatrafic sa espanya
> 2. Anong fave mong bilhin sa canteen?
> - strawberry zagu, mais con yelo o kaya egg pie ng goldilocks
> 3. Na-guidance/principal ka na ba?
> - NevER
> 4. Sinong fave teacher mo ngayon?
> - sir tengKiat at si MaaM Evee
> 5. Tropa mo ba yung guard ng skul nyo?
> - ewww
> 6. San ka usually tumatambay? Why?
> - sa coridor lang ata...
> 7. What's your most unforgettable experience?
> - ung buong IP experience...
> 8. Sinong una mong nakilala sa college?
> - si reyna... siya unang kumausap sa kiN eh
> 9. Ilang beses mo nang nawala ung ID mo?
> - di pa nawawala
> 10. Favorite classmates?
> - mga Bebe Efs ko...
> 11. Most unforgettable person? Why?
> - Too many to mention
> 12. I-describe ang mukha mo sa id!
> - chaKa
> 13. Anong binibili mo sa labas tuwing uwian?
> - ahh ung queck queck sa lacson bago ako umuwi
> 14. Describe mo ung crush mo?at sino?
> - artistahiN, singKeT??? madami akong crush eh
ung iba expired na kaya napapalitan pero same qualifications
> 16. Alam niya na crush mo xa?
> - hindi
> 17. Niligawan ka ba niya?
> - sana... may ganUn!!!
> 18. Favorite subject?
> - stoich!
> 19. Kung papalitan ang color ng uniform ninyo?ano?
> - gold instead of black ung strip
> 21. Did you ever regret going to your college?
> - Not anymore!!! i already found a reason to stAy
> 22. Kilala mo ba kung sino ang nag-post nito?
> - oo... kinuha ko lang toh sa frendster bulletin eh
> 23. Naenjoy mo ba ang college life mo?
> - opCorse

isa pang survey

1.Does anyone know your password to
your friendster besides yourself?
2. What was the last thing you ordered
at McDonalds?
Chicken Fillet
3. Are you an emotional person?
4. Do you like your name?
Nope andami ko kasing kapangalaN
5. Do you believe in love at first
6. Ever felt jealous of your friend?
7. What was the last thing you did?
* nagreview ng thermO
8. Who is right next to you?
*wala... i'm alone in my room
9. Who were the last persons you ate
10. What song are you listening to
right now?
*Playlist ko sa imeem Ayan xin wo na by wu chun
11. Hows the weather right now ?
12. Last person who called you today?
*si nyaKelz napamiscall kanina
14. Last song you sang?
* ah ung ALL at Once hehe nagmagic sinG pa ko mag isa kanina..
15. Do you like anyone?
16. Lost a friendship over something
*wala ata
17. Last beverage you drank?
18. Last food you ate?
*Pork na may gulay gulay...
19. What did you do last night?
*Kodigz sa ethics
20. Faked being sick to miss school?
21. What time did you wake up today?
*4:00 am kasi di ko natapos basahin ung ethics eh
22. Last person you talked to?
23. Last person you made fun of?
24. What are you wearing right now?
*white shirt at shorts na black...
25. Are you too quiet to ask anyone
26. What is the first thing you notice
about the opposite/same sex?
*face and shape
27.Where are you right now?
in my rum.
28. What date and day is it?
*feb19 friday
29. Did you go anywhere today?
* school
30. What did you do there?
* nag ethics LanG!!!!!
31. Where else are you going today?
*sa kama
32. Are you watching TV?
33. Are you mature or immature?
34. Are you closer to your mom or dad?
35. When was your last kiss?
*cant remember.
36. What school do you go to?
37. Whats the most annoying thing
people say to you?
38. Do you like music?
*opcorse | Layout by Patty!!!