Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hold onto some Things and Let Go of oThers!

Roque Ruanio Building - Suspended

So classes are again suspended. At may AH1N1 sa ust engineering. wHat isang first year daw ang naghasik ng lagiM. ayun todo post naman sa FACEBook ang ating mga syopatid na akala mo ay end of the world na at di makakagraduate on time.. What SizzlinG HOT kung magFlood at kanya kanyang saloobiN with follow up comments... What.. Pero nakapagTHesis pa din me kanina sa TARC... pero di lang pala sa UST nakarating ang virus kundi pati na din sa PET Soc. Kaya naman si PAPI fierce ay nakapagFace mask na diN.... grabe na yang swine flu na yan very communicative at airborne... tsk tsk tsk

RULES: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to copy-paste this note, and answer all the questions. At the end, choose 15 people to be tagged - including the person who tagged you.

ABC About You Questions:
A - AVAILABLE: namaN/... always
B - BIRTHDAY: july 11
F - FAVORITE SONG: If I give you my heart - Toni Gonzaga
I - IN LOVE WITH: crush
J - JUGGLE: i can't
K - KILLED SOMEONE: noT yet lapit na
O - ONE WISH: more money to come
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: si laiza kagabi
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: If i give you my hEart - kulet mo
V - VEGETABLE(S): carrot
W - WORST HABIT: sikret. its a hard habit to break
Y – YOYOS ARE: driven by force and gravity experiencing centripetal force

now playing
If I give You my Heart - Toni Gonzaga

Random Questions About You:
Spell your name without vowels: Ptrck
What color do you wear most? white
Least favorite color? fushia
What are you listening to? none
Are you happy with your life right now? laging may kulanG. nu kaya?
What is your favorite class in school? PE i miss outdoor activities
When do you start back at school/college? june 30 na
Are you outgoing? so so
Favorite pair of shoes? madami.. too bad i have no money to buy those fashionable shoes i want
Where do you wish you were right now? bed... inaantok na ko

Can you dance? yup.... but i will never dance again
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth? cherry stem? nu yan suxal
Can you whistle? di din wala sa tono eh
Write with both hands? how i wish/ sana initerbyu na ko ni kuya cris para sa Pinoy records
Walk with your toes curled? i just did masabi lang na oo

What is the temperature outside? cold pero gusto ko colder
What radio station do you listen to? kahit anU... basta gusto ko mga new songS
What was the last restaurant you ate at? iceberg
What was the last thing you bought? gatorade sa watson
What was the last thing on TV you watched? Tayong Dalawa

Are you a happy person? sometimes/ hapi sad hapi sad
What can make you happy? MoneY with a lots of money I can go anywhere I want,,, also I can change my course
Do you wish you were happier? NamaN...
Can music make you happy? sumtimes

Pepsi or Coke: coke
McDonald's or Burger King: mcdo
Single or Group Dates: single
Chocolate or Vanilla: BOTH
Strawberries or Blueberries: strawberries.
Meat or Veggies: meat
TV or Movie: TV
Guitar or Drums: NONE
Adidas or Nike: mahal nito eh cant afford...
Chinese or Mexican: mexicans are way hotter but chinese are cute
Cheerios or Corn Flakes: cheerios?
Cake or Pie: BOTH love ko mga pastries
MTV or VH1: none/ mas nauupdate pa ko sa mga blog eh

MaaM Bayquen

then a while aGo after thesis i went to Sm north National Bookstore just to browse some engineering book and i was shocked to found out Maam Cecilia Bayquen name on a book. I look unto the back cover and saw her 1 x 1 pic OMG thats her!!! thats heR!!! So i gotcha that book and have a pic. Her Book Indutrial Chemical Processes Food Industry have a very good front cover It is simple yet artistic. It such an honor for me (just like an honor student) to have a prof like her that have a published book and it's out of the market. Even thou she didn't know me at all I'm still glad that she became my Organic Chem professor N years ago.


Quote of the day:::

One thing is clear to me. You can’t know everything you’d like to know. You can’t do everything you’d like to do. You can’t read everything you’d like to read. You must hold onto some things and let go of others. Learning to make that choice is one of the big lessons of this life – Real Live Preacher

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mafia Wars

Playing Facebook Mafia Wars had been added to my Must do things for the day. So after leading facebook games like Pet Society, Restaurant City, Geo Challenge, word challenge and Farm town on my friend list here is another game that i got addicted to.

It's a clicking game and the choice of whom to beat and the skills to upgrade is the basics of the game. I should have chosen to ba a Maniac on the game rather than a mogul because being a Maniac increases energy fasteR means more experience points.

Skill points choices
Energy: to do jobs
Stamina: to fight other Mafia, to do hitlist and to rob properties
Defense: to repel attacks
Attack: to increase impact
Health: CS

Jules always give me energy pack that increases my job works by 25%. I hope the others will do the same. Johnson level ups so fast he was at the bottom the last day and now he's up. Jamie taught me how to roB. Me i got more kills than the others, noticed that my mobster whacked is 10.

Marian and Dingdong Phone Scandal?
I got this article on an another bloG. I don't know if it is true?

Good Times Manila has obtained a full transcript of an alleged phone conversation between GMA-7 stars Marian Rivera and rumored boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.

The transcript, along with an audio file of the purported phone conversation, was submitted to GTM by an anonymous contributor who said he wanted to reveal the “true nature” of their relationship.

Neither Rivera nor Dantes has publicly admitted they are in an intimate relationship, although they are often seen being sweet to each other.

The transcript follows:

Dingdong: Hi baby!
Marian: Hilow?
Dingdong: Hi baby girl? Si Dong eto.
Marian: Hilow?! Hilow?! Sira ba itong pown na to?!
Dingdong: Hello, Marian! Rinig mo ba ako?
Marian: Hilow! Hilow! Hilow!
Dingdong: Baliktad na naman ata ang hawak mo baby…
Marian: Ano yon? Ang hina ng boses mo.
Dingdong: Baby, yang phone, baliktad na naman ata ang hawak mo…
Marian: Laksan mo, LECHE!
Marian: …Teka, oo nga no. Ayan.
Dingdong: O, rinig mo na ako?
Marian: Dinig na kita syempre. Tanga ka ba?
Dingdong: Hahaha! Ikaw talaga.
Marian: O bat ka napatawag?
Dingdong: Wala lang. Namiss kita.
Marian: Namiss din kita. Anong ginagawa mo ngayon?
Dingdong: Eto nandito lang sa kwarto. Matutulog na.
Marian: Ako rin. Nagbabasa ako e, inistorbo mo ko tarantado ka.

Dingdong: Hahaha. Anong binabasa mo?
Marian: Eto, libro daw ni Bobong.
Dingdong: Bobong? You mean Bob Ong?
Marian: Di ba yun nga ang sabi ko? Ang tanga lang ng taytel.
Dingdong: Baket, anong title?
Marian: Ey Bi En Key Key Bi Es En Pi El Ko…
Dingdong: Ha? Anong ibig sabihin non? A, B, N, K, K…
Marian: Ewan. Katangahan lang.
Dingdong: Alam ko na! “Aba! Nakakabasa Na Pala Ako?!”
Marian: Ano ka Grade I?
Dingdong: Hindi. Ganun talaga sya basahin: “Aba Nakakabasa Na Pala Ako?!”
Marian: Gago ka pala. Bumalik ka na lang kaya sa elomentari iskul.
Dingdong: Hehehe. Never mind. Iba na lang pag-usapan natin.
Marian: Ano pa nga ba?

Dingdong: (husky voice) Anong suot mo ngayon?
Marian: E di daster. Anong gusto mong suot ko habang natutulog? Gawn?
Dingdong: Hahaha! Alam mo kung anong suot ko..?
Marian: Ano?
Dingdong: Wala…
Marian: Ano? Bat ka naman nakahubo? Lakas mo pa namang mag-erkon, gago.
Dingdong: Dito lang ako sa kama ko… iniisip ka…
Marian: Syempre magkausap kaya tayo sino pang iisipin mo, ugak.
Dingdong: Alam mo ang hawak ng kamay ko…?
Marian: Ano pa e di yang pown.

Dingdong: Hindi… may hawak ako sa isa ko pang kamay… Isang matigas na bagay…
Marian: Yung charger?
Dingdong: Hindi…
Marian: Yung remowt?
Dingdong: Hindi…
Marian: Yung laptap?
Dingdong: Hindi pa rin…
Marian: A, alam ko na!
Dingdong: Ano baby?
Marian: Yung aypad!
Dingdong: Tulog na lang tayo, baby…
Marian: Mabuti naman. Kanina pa ko inaantok.

Naku Biten ba???


Not only Juan Ponce Enrile lost his Globe load ako din

So ayun nagloload ako ng card and i noticed that after 2 days or three my load continuously decrease. This happens so many times when i make a call the operator whould say that i don't have enough balance knowing the fact that i have a lot of loads pa. Sen. Enrile already pointed it out. I am very curious to my load balance since PAGNANAKAW na nga ang ginagawa ng GLobe na yan. UNg 300 ko dati naging 150 tapos naging O balance. UNg 100 load ko naman naging 75pesos then naging 0 balance. Ganun kabilis ako mawalan ng load. Totoo toh swear.

So eto I found out that I was subscribed to TOPTRUEDIVA / TOP3Diva and TOPTRUEPARE this are mp3 services. Freaking Bitch yang globe na yan ha. Laging nagpapadala ng message galing 2346. Free updates daw.

Ayun to check kung nakasubscribe kayo sa mga globe services just text CHECK to 2346 then reply StOP (service name) and send to 2346 to stop. It helps somewhat but my load still decreases. I don't use my phone naman to internet or YM but still i lost my loads...


Never say Die - Lucky Me Beef

Bata : "12 lang po ang napili sa tryouts.

pang 13 ako
practice ako ng practice
may uniform na ako
nay bakit.."

hahaha nakakaaliw ang cute cute nung bata. For sure nung bata tayo nafeel din natin ung nafeel ng bata. Ang mareject nga naman or di mapasama. Siempre BIg deal pag sa mga bata un.. hehe

A 180 degrees Twist

The first 2 days of classes was a bad start for me. It was raining na nga and emotions of missing section A means a lot. I really feel that there is something missing in my new section. Well it's just the start and I'm into the adjustment period. I haven't been in B for 3 sems and i noticed that everyone CHANGE. Well yesterday is just a yesterdaY it can never be the same. Some of them grew up (as a person), some of them just the same and some of them errr. I really appreciate those who matured and those who can be independent because they were not scared to show who really they are as an individual.

We've been divided for our UNits Operation into groups and I'm glad that i'm with laiza, stef and aivs. But a 180 degrees turn and boom they went back to A. Thinking positively i think that it would be best for me. To stef i'm happy that she is back to A you are meant to be A after all!!! and i am meant to be B. This might be a sign that i should stand on my own and be more mature. For the reason that i wasn't in my comfort zone anymore. I know that laiza would always be there for me but not anytime because i want to give her and rabbie quality time with each other. I'm happy for both of them. And i hope that we stay together until the end of skulyear.

Life in B for 4 days? well i noticed that i wasn't the same patrick/patty anymore. I don't talk a lot anymore. I no longer laugh to old jokes. I no longer listen to nonsense things and exaggerated stories. I hate nonsense things. I take down notes. I have a notebook. I use my daily planner. I've become an observant. I have no plans for skipping classes. I hearts A. and I know who my friends are; friends rather than classmates.

Life in B for the next days...
Well as i said i'm at my adjustment period pa. I started to like the aura as days pass on. It's like playing with emotions. You need to control it so bad and don't let others know ur story. Leave them some mysteries. dont show it all.

About the sked
Uhh so Going up late at nigth. Di pa rin ako nararape ever nor dukotan man lang!!! sanay naman ako na gabiHin. Nung highschool ginagabi na ako mga 11pm ako umuuwi after magPowerdance sa may shang dati so di na bago toh. onting adjust adjust na lang sa study time.

this is it na
i grew up I matured and i am learning.

Joeward is so sweeT my bebe gave me this. But everytime i look at that indian-like keychain I do remember the days we've been together. Carino Brutal dont bring me laughters anymore when i watch it..... instead it brings up emotions and memories of the past. Tears of joy? haha namaN. Gudluck dyan sa pagiging student leader mo. At nacurious naman ako to what really happened to hiM.

Oh steph look nilagay ko pa ung picture natin sa may mini green clock ko OH... NamaN!!! kahit iniwan mo ko di ko tinanggal at pinunit ung pic mo na supposetedly tatapak tapakan ko pa pero hindi ko ginawa. ayun OH drama mode. haha i still wish the best in you as a leader and as a student at the same time. ayan busy busyhan mode ka na for these coming days (thesis, TEM, studies and also ur lovelife.) Wokaholic mo naman. keri mo yaN and i believe in your powers. Kaw pa na gumagawa ng fluffy sorbet tuwing madaling araw. haha nga pala special mention ni maam glaiza dun sa introduction nya sa fuel tech namin gustong gusto daw nya ung sa IP presentation lalong lalo na ung may ice cream sa loob. Don't worry i'm ok at B. I i love being independent na...

TO 4A: BRB (magpapamiss lang ng konti sana miss nyo din ako)

PS: thank you nga pala kay Ninya na kasama ko habang naglalakad ng ID ko at ID nya.
and to Wilma na laging nagbibigay ng updates sa kin about her life i appreciate those texts talaga kahit ala ako load sa pagrereply di ka pa rin nagsasawang magtext ur one of my friend talaga P in C...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

100 Most Powerful

Here is the complete list of the Most Powerful Celebrity from Forbes

Nacurious lang me . Manny Pacquiao number 57!

now playing
David Archuleta
Let's Talk about Love


with johnson, rachelle and her sister at the 8th TOyCOn held @ SM megamall 5th floor Mega B. haha i saw Jobert sukaldito while going there. The three of them have a picture with Gabby De La Merced former pbb housemates. a lot of cosplayers and anime fanatics were there and willing to pose with you. There is also voice acting, singing and dancing competition and ramping. The place sell many toys. I'm glad that i don't have money because if i have i would be tempted to buy those.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bennie and the Jets

House Bunny = So ung bida si shelly sya ung favorite bunny dun sa playboy mansion. Medyo kulang kulang ang braincells nya. Eh siempre may mga gurls na ingitero so gumawa sila ng paraan para paalisin si shelly sa mansioN. then naghahanap siya ng bagong family nakita nya ung Zeta isang patapon na frat na puro nerdy nerdy ang mga andun. Eh since walang pumupunta sa frat nila niliberate sila ni Shelly so naging girls next door appeal na ung mga nerdys na un. tapos ganun ganyan... hay basta ang kikay ng movie na toh. nakakashock nga lang kasi my full back exposure si shelly. BOOM!!!

27 Dresses = Why 27? si jane kasi professional wedding planner na inlove sa boss niya na boyfriend ng kapatid niya. Siniraan niya ung kapatid nya para maturn off ung boss nya. Then he met another man na she just taken for granted but in the end sila din ung kinasal. So why 27 nga? kasi sa bawat wedding na inoorganize nya may mga iba ibang theme ng wedding and may free gown sya at inipon nya lahat sa kanyang closet. so sabi ni kevin dapat siya naman ung mgapakasal kasi nakaka 27 na siya. So ayun sila nagkatuluyan sa dulo.i love those gowns. Then present lahat ung 27 na bride on their wedding. I love those gowns. hehe

Beyonce Live Concert = Grabeh Stunning and powerful performances, i like those silvery glittery mode ni beyonce...


So Namirata ako ng dvd sa may palengke. And nakita ko yung Poohkwang. Grabeh ang saya saya nito sobrang nakakatawa lalo na dun sa wowowee / deal or no deal edition. Si pokwang nag aaral sa IT, Ilimentary School major in vulcanizing,etc.Bale 5 chapters siya. ung Chapter 1 karamihan sayaw ung chapter 2 ung Manny Poohkiaw ung third naman un Balete Drive ung 4th ung beauty contest and Annabel Rama si pokwang tas ung last yung wowowee/deal or no deal.

Pokwang: Roses are red violets are blue if God made me beautiful what happened to you

PooH: Roses are red violets are blue if ur parents say ur beautiful they're lying to you.

Pokwang: Roses are red violets are blue everytime i flash the toilet i remember you

Here is my favorite part on the movie 27 dresses
Benny and the Jets

PCD; On my Bottle POP Shake Me

So i was able to watch PCD live concert last thursday at SM mall of Asia Concert grounds. It is very memorable because it is my first MAJOR concert ever. The days while waiting was mixed up of emotions, happy, excited, scared and nervous. Yes classes are suspended, And NO RAIN
(open ground venue)!!!

The venue of the concert is very big. We went there before 5pm. There are only few people and a lot of spaces at first. akala namin nilangaw. Pero after nun GRabeh di na kami makagalaw sa sobrang dami ng people. Napuno talaga eh. Buti na lang nasa frontliners kami sa silver ticket. at ayun Kitang kita namin ung buong stage. Tapos nakita namin si valeen montenegro sa Gold. Nakita ko naman si regine tolentino sa big screen sa VIP section. naku siksikan din pala dun.

Here are some clips of their performance taken from my cam...

on the video (Hush hush I will survive, When i grow up, BottlePop, Jaiho, What cha think 'bout you, I hate this part, Don't CHa, stick with you, etc)

Ang galing galing ng PCD. Sarap sana sumayaw habang nagpeperform sila pero wala talagang space na. at siempre dapat steady lang me to have a good shots. After nung uwian na nakita namin ni farah si vice ganda.. haha kalokah ang tangkad nya.

Sarap sumayaw ng bottlepop kabisado ko na step. hehe till next time!!! jai hO sana nung Davids pumunta ako.

Adam Lambert / Born Wild and Gay

On his interview and an article on the Rolling Stone Magazine

Adam: I started to realize I wasn’t like every other boy
I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay
I was like, ‘I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!

So just what Adam said that it was not a shocking revelation at all. He also admitted that he got a crush on Kris Allen during the show. They were roommates and friends during the competition but kris Allen is a nice guY and straight. Click Here Kris allen Fans especially WILBERT de Guzman that one is for You... Found it while reading forums.

Adam Lambert performs Mad World live at the Regis & Kelly Show on May 27, 2009
(click high quality for a clearer view)

Even if Adam is Gay i still LOve his Music... Glamberts

Pish Te You

Presenting the biggest and the best restaurant in the game Paffy Patrick, Fluffy Patty, Pish Te You, Homo Fabulous are just some of the names of my restaurant evolutions from level 1 to 27. Level 27 is the maximum level in the game.

My Newest Design
(click on the image for a larger view)

My new restaurant city design is compose of restroom, bar area, dining, swimming pool, graveyard and now with the entertaiment room. The HD tv, Mp3 player and the flowers are the newest items on the game. Since its new i bought them and redesigned my interior.

Here is the latest standings on my friendlist

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hanggang Kailan ka Inosente?

Maawa Ka naman kay NENE......
Katorse lang yan....

Isisilang na
Erich Gonzales (gycanco dati)
Ejay Falcon
Xian Lim

xcited na ko ditO mukhang maganda ung stOry!!!
panuorin nyo ung teaser!!! hehe
naghahabulan lang sa sampayan tas aun may
baby na... teka asan na ba ung sampayan na yan
at makikipag habulan din ako dun...

Crazier - Taylor Swift

Movies I watched yesterday...

The Day The Earth Stood Still
- suspense, and reccomended by raisa!!! it is all about the alien who said that He will save the Earth but not the humans. Humans can't live without the Earth but the Earth can live without humans. So the alien is planning to save the Earth by killing the entire human race but a girl suddenly change the alien's plan and toink another chance for the humanity...

Confessions of a Shopaholic
I like this movie. It has a fabulous story!!! and Most girls can relate to this. Shopping/... MOney... Credit cards... Makes most of us crave for those new items at store, those shoes, accessories, gadgets, shirts, etc and we want more and more and more!!!

now playing
Kat de'Luna - Calling You
main theme song for the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic
***i luv the chorus part!!!

Hanah Montana The Movie
Okay so Hannah or Miley, that's a big question to be answered by a teenage girl in the movie. Identity crisis thing and puppy love actually happens during our teenage years... woH. so i have to watched this inorder to know the meaning of the song THE CLIMB... hahaha Tyra Banks is also in the movie... And my Favorite Taylor Swift!!! ang "CheesY"

also playing
Taylor Swift- Crazier

"you lift my feet off the ground you spin me around
you make me crazier crazier
feels like im falling
and i'm lost in your eyes
you make me crazier crazier crazier

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gusto ko na grumaduate!!!

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be, now
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me

lapit na pasukan... 1 last year!!! i would take the last two sems seriously. I would write my own notes na. I would try harder. I would never fall in love. Paninindigan ko na ang pagiging NGSB/NBSB ko.. haha and I'm never gonna dance again...

Okay yesterday i watched Camprock, City of Ember, Curious Case of Benjamin Button at ung Little Mermaid (disney)... Nakaapat akong movie... i'M so so bored eH... Tapos nanuod din ako ng 11 episodes ng Britains Got talent season 3 sa youtube... hay ndi yata ako gumalaw kahapoN... Auko ng benjamin button ang pangit kasi niya. Natatakot ako sa face nya. di pa naman ako fan ng horror movies and the fact na hindi un horror eh natakot pa ako.. haha Tas ung Camprock naman siempre nag eenjoy ako sa mga cheesy movies ... hehe at ung City of Ember and daming bad reviews pero nagustuhan ko siya... Hindi ako nabored gaya nung mga malalanding commentarista dyan na akala mo hari ng mga forum kung magmarunong... betch!!!

Greg Pritchard - Britain's Got Talent

Fabia Cerra - Britain's Got Talent

its HUGE!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sarah: Mad (ASAP)

Sarah Geronimo's Mad Performance at ASAP
Grabeh ang galing ni Sarah!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Enrollment and Sked

So Enrollment na Kanina. ayun Sabay kami ni Laiza. Lilibre dapat ako ni Jess ng Goldilocks kaya lang sabi ko next time na laNg.., Bait talaga ni jess reward daw nya sa kin un Last sem kasi lagi ko daw siya tinutulungan... ahhh tats ako pero i am just doing my work as class officer. wow suxaL... Pagdating sa enrollment bawal daw mahaba buhok so si Laiza ang nag enroll sa kin. Thanks to her. Si Pao at si Roent kasama ko sa labas na naghihintay ang haba daw kasi ng buhok namin at bawal kaming papasukin sa loob...

At etO naman ung sked ng B... Busy na ulit kami and handa na kong umuwi ng 9pm adventure toH pero masaya walang trapiK at walang kaagaw na ibang pasahero.. hehe

So this is me... oo mahaba na buhok ko di nga daw ako nakilala ni gladys at ni apOl.. haha pero infairness nag iba talaga hitsura ko pag mahaba hair ko... Magpapagupit na sana ako kanina kaya lang ang haba ng pila so i decided toM na lang... huhu bye long shiny black hair!!!

So this is my

1. Beer: San Miguel
2. McDonalds: Sundae ung carameL
3. Relationships: complicated
4. Purple: Wilbert (wilhelmina)
5. Power Rangers: Astig
6. Weed: seaweeds?
7. Steroids: Biceps
8. Cartoons: Naruto
9. The President: obama
10. Tupperware: plastic
11. Florida: US
12. Santa Claus: xmas
13. Halloween: mumu
14. Alice: in wonderland
15. Grammar: English
16: Myspace: Friendster
17. Clowns: weird
18. Marriage: Sex
19. Paris: Hilton
20. Pat: ako yan eh
21. Fashion: ETC
22. Blondes: Britney
23. Pass the: message
24. One night stand: Hayden
25. Bratz: gurl
26. Neverland: Peterpan
27. Pixie: Disney
28. Vanilla ice cream: Yummy
29. Highschool: SMCQC
30. High school musical: Ashley Tisdale
31. Pajamas: ang inet
32. Woody: wood pecker
33. Wet Socks: Wet Basis (stoich)
35. Love: NEXT...

now playing
T.I. feat Justin Timberlake
Dead and Gone


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