Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forever Love Tonight

IU + Yoo Seungho - I Believe in Love MV
the lyrics are based on Yoo Seungho's diary
translation from sparkskey

All we need is forever love tonight
Once this night is over, it'll be too late
Our love can create an even bigger miracle
A fire burns deep within my heart as I gaze into your eyes
I wish this world could be filled with love

Tonight, I hear love calling out to me
Oh love
Why can't you hear the faraway cries

Please don't turn your heart away from them
Those childrens' tears are telling a story
Have courage, please don't close your eyes
Everyone needs love

I can feel that bit of courage that's in the deepest recesses of our hearts
Your heart is overflowing with love
So much so that even if you cover your ears and eyes
I can still see the love

Open your heart and hold their shaking hands
Till they don't have to beg anymore
I believe that there's still love in this world

Here is the Video duet of Yoo seung Ho and I.U.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Top: Albert / Alyssa / Kristel / Tita Jo / Rondale /Nior / Jes / Tonchu
Bottom: Me / Renz / Joeward / Apple / Chynthia

my downFALL hindi na ko Marunong magBOWLING!!!

HappY HappY bday Joeward thanks sa Invite...
visit my friend's blog joewardm.blogspot.com

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PS. Sa mga manlilibre pa dyan just text me I'm always availble:

joeward dawnload mo here yung ibang pics... di pa kasi ako nag FB,,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"RAW" version

No matter what you do, somebody hates you. No matter how much you try, you can fail, No matter how hard you love a person, they can leave you. No matter how hard we hold on, they let go. No matter what happens, It’ll all eventually become okay. -tumblr

When will my reflection show. Who I am inside?

lang lagi dapat!


thE chuvachoochoo

Believe In Everything Because Everything's Reachable

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tears For You

Two Japanese movies that will inspire you and made you realize the deeper value of "life". - patrick

Japanese Movie - I give my First Love to You

When I'm no longer here, I have not disappeared,
You will still find the threads of love of our hearts.

Goodbye, See you next time, I'm sorry, I love you,
Goodbye, Keep smiling, In this way, Silly you,
Painful Love, Endlessly loving,
No matter how many times, I fall in love with you.

from the song; Boku Wa Kimi Ni Koi Wo Suru by Ken Hirai watch the ost

I don't remember the feelings anymore!

Nada Sou Sou
- Japanese Movie / Love story ///

Turning the pages of old photographs
I whisper thanks to ea
ch and every one
Deep in my heart you have come, come to live
Sure as the sun to see me through

But as each memory
of you fades away
I'm so alone longing for you
You're on my mind as I drown in my own tears

- i Love this two Movies
you can watch I give my first love to You online @ mysoju.com
and Nada sou sou / Tears for you @ dramacrazy.net

I'm Loving Japanese Movies ^_^

Monday, July 12, 2010


released last July 10, 2010 exam date was held last April 25
for the complete list of civil service passers Professional LEVEL in NCR region visit>>>
The exam is 170 items in 3 hours
meaning you need to answer 1 question in 57 secs each
My parents just want me to take this exam ndi ko nga alam kung para san toh.

exam coverage:
English - hirap
Reading comprehension - shotgun mode 10 items wala na kasi time
Math - EASY perfect ko!!!
- hirap/nu ba yun may ganito pala!!!

exam passing score: 80%

old pic... jeje

now playing ADAM LAMBERT - If i Had You
(di ko maembed yung Official MV

But if I had you, that would be the only thing I'd ever need

Yeah if I had you, then money fame and fortune never could compete

If I had you, life would be a party it'd be ecstasy

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beauty and Madness

Who will see the beauty in your life
And who will be there to hear you when you call
Who will see the madness in your life.
And who will be there to catch you if you fall.

Over there, just beneath the moon,
There's a man with a burden to keep,
Now sleep will fall, washouts, rags and paperbags
Homes and lives passing by.


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