Monday, January 30, 2012

Milk Tea

Because I was influenced by Jessica Soho and Chris Tiu on their segment of Milk Tea at Kapuso mo Jessica Soho Report, I became curious and had a taste of it a while ago at level 4 Trinoma.

Milk Tea, Milk Tea! the name itself! becomes fastly trendy.

The shop is called "Happy Lemon", Chris Tiu's branch of happy lemon is located at Shangri-la. (this is free advertisement)

I ordered "ROYAL MILK TEA WITH ____ GRASS" I forgot the adjective before the grass. Price: 100 php.
Taste: Very Good, taste like coffee and tapioca
Packaging: ok
logo: very cute
Ambiance of the stall: not so good!

The milk teas' price range 75-110 php

PS: It can be so addicting!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tears Are Falling

I just realized that I always been sad this past few months. I dunno what's wrong but I always feel that there's something/someone missing in my life and I really don't know what will make me happy. And this is my "emote" song. I listen to it when I'm sad. Almost every other day? almost everyday. Song from korean TV series "Pure Love aka 49 days" the only korean series that I have watched since I started working.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pokemon Black and White Philipines Happy Meal

I chose Victini and Tepig!

when I collected 646 pokemons in the game platinum and white version dsi, I also dream of collecting all pokemon figures. And dedicate my life collecting those cutie creatures.

Going back like a child with Mc Donalds Happy meal and this time its my hard-earned money! Feels good. I will collect them all like a bomb.

New Pokemon Events 2012

FX Song Syndrome

I just like the song "Sa Isang Sulyap Mo" by 1:43. First heard at FX going home then youtube it. I just passed by them before at trinoma and now I found out that they sing this one.

Yuki: Bakit kapag tumitingin ka natutunaw ako,
Bakit kapag lumalapit ka kumakabog ang puso ko
Bakit kapag nandito ka sumasaya araw ko
Lahat ng bagay sa mundo parang walang gulo

Anjo: Bakit kapag nakikita ka parang nasa ulap ako
Bakit kapag kausap kita nauutal-utal sayo
Bakit kapag nandito ka nababaliw ako
Nababaliw sa tuwa ang puso ko

Sa isang sulyap mo ay nabihag ako, para bang himala ang lahat ng ito,
sa isang sulyap mo nabighani ako, nabalot ng pag-asa ang puso,
sa isang sulyap mo nalaman ang totoo, ang sarap mabuhay punung-puno ng kulay,
sa isang sulyap mo ayos na ako, sa isang sulyap mo, napa-ibig ako

Kim: Bakit kapag kasama kita ang mundo ko'y nag-iiba
Bakit kapag kapiling kita ang puso ko'y sumusigla

Goldmon: Bakit kapag nandito ka problema ko'y nabubura
Ikaw ang aking pag-asa at ang tanging ligaya

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - Better than I know MyselF

Me and my brother watched HOUSE HUSBAND. It was my personal choice since I've been reading better reviews from this film than other MMFF entries. It was a very good and descent movie with a clear and distinct storyline.

My first pic New Year's Eve 2012


The picture above was taken morning on my way to office at MRT North avenue station.

Who's that Gurl?

so i was chosen to participate on the video presentation (music video) in our office divison. I guess I did justice on my performance.

Ansaveh Lang ni Alodia Gosiengfiao

Title Defender

CQA Dance Contest Winner - another Moment

Songs in our dance number:
Born this Way Lady Gaga
Whine Up by Kat de Luna
Dance Bailaloo by Kat de Luna
I am the Best 2nE1

Jingle Bell Rock CQA Christmas Party

winter leaves props

very cute winter home made by the engineering department

so this is my outfit white turtle-neck cotton long-sleeves plus purple pants and my grad pic scarF

nicely made styro sleigh with gifts

Casual Dance Performance

It was a very memorable Christmas Party for me (Dec 15, 2011) because this year I celebrated it with my officemates with a theme of winter wonderland. I haven't had a themed Christmas party before, not in college and not in hs and gs. So it was my first! My first with my first job. But what actually made it very special is that I also participated in stage designed set-up, props making and I become the leader in dance performances of the casual employees. I also help 3 other groups from other division in their performances. But what matters most is that I enjoyed everything, from going home late, from making and bringing all the props to the other building, from talking to many kinds of people and from teaching my co-employees steps in our dance. | Layout by Patty!!!